How to Build a Great Bob the Builder Party


Bob the Builder is hugely popular with preschoolers, so what better way to celebrate your future problem-solver’s birthday than by throwing a themed party! Here are some ideas on how to organize a great party!


The best color scheme for your Bob Builder theme party is yellow and orange. Stick crepes and balloons with this color scheme. Also decorate the party room with pictures of Bob himself and pictures of different instruments. For the center of the party table, it’s good to use a helmet. You can also set up traffic cones in every corner of the party hall.


Provide some Bob Builder coloring books / coloring books for the kids to color while waiting for other guests. Then you need to line up four cones, then put an empty basket on one end and a basket of fake tools on the other. Have each child take turns moving a tool from one basket to another. However, they must avoid the cones on their way to another basket. After this time, each participant and whoever completes the challenge the fastest wins!


There’s also the game Stick the Tool on Bob the Builder, which requires you to have an entire poster of one of the characters, an eye patch, and a cutout from a construction paper key. Hang posters on the walls during the game. Then, one at a time, blindfold the players and have them stick the wrench on the poster in place.


Break your favorite birthday sandwich, then cut the sandwich in the middle of a zigzag. This creates the illusion that the sandwich is being cut with a saw. Another great idea is to buy a large plastic garbage truck and then wash it with dish soap and water. Cut the brownies and put them in a freshly washed dump truck. You can stick some sticky worms between your brownies for a fun effect. Brownies in a Dump Truck can be served instead of cake, but if you want a cake then make it shaped like a truck.


A great idea for Bob the Builder party invitations is to print the party invitations on bright orange paper. You have to cut it in the shape of a traffic cone. If you want an game truck party alternative, cut some 5×7″ invitation cards out of blue cardboard. Then place a picture of all the characters on it. It looks good if you put the picture in the center of the front page and then write “Is it possible a party?” ? Yes, right!” Finally, prepare character envelopes and stickers for supplies.


Fill your party bag with some cool stuff that kids love like inflatable toys, construction toys, sticker sheets, balloons, cookie cutters and Play-Doh containers.Your child’s upcoming birthday party will be a hit with young guests with these great Bob Builder party ideas!


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